September 19, 2013

  • There Seems To Be A Problem

    I got an email from my sister, Cee, and she said she couldn’t access the new blog. I am going to try again. Here it is:

    If you have a problem, email me at

    Sorry about that. Love you all.

September 15, 2013

  • Bratfarm-South Is Up And Working!

    You’ll all be glad to hear that Bratfarm-South is alive and well and working on blogspot. The news is as interesting as ever (LOL) and the characters remain the same. (copy and paste if necessary).

    Love you all. See you there (I hope). It needs all the support it can get. **winky**

September 13, 2013

  • I Really Don’t Like The Changes Here….

    I think I’ve pretty much decided that I don’t like the changes that have been made here. No way to change the font or font colors. No bold, no underlining…nothing made easy like it was before.

    I have no idea who suggested these changes that have been made but I really hate them. You would have to see the page that I go to and just how I am expected to write my blog. The space you can see is just about an inch long. Makes it tough to review although it does have the expected arrows for up and down on the side.

    Finding the comments isn’t easy either. The way it’s formatted is awful. Look for future Brat Farm’s on blogspot.

    That’s all I have to say right now about this move. Also I am not reporting on the events of today. That will be for my blogspot.

    Love you all. Thanks for being such good followers. I hope to see you….over there!

September 11, 2013

  • What The Heck?

    I’m sorry to say that I had another bad night (IBS) but, this afternoon, the signs were pretty sure that it was over. No more runny bowels (sorry about that visual). But I spent most of the day either on my back or asleep (and there IS a difference there). I clutched my pillow on my tummy like an anchor. Then I passed more gas than anything else and felt great!

    At least I was up when Chewlee got here. Good thing because the bus driver wanted to talk to me. Chewlee was telling him that he had to pick her up when she had her sleepover. I guess she was so worried about it that he had to tell her several times to sit down. But he decided that she might actually have been worried about it so he wanted to talk to me. I told him about picking her up on Friday morning and he wrote it down. He told me to look for him about 6:45am and that he had other passengers he picked up here now, too. I was so glad to hear that it was at 6:45am because Chewlee and I would have been outside a long time, waiting for him since he picked her up at 6am for summer school. Now, at least, we can sleep in a bit later.

    The Beast is always trying to be helpful and spent some time reading up on diabetes dietary needs. He is now going to use ice, yogurt, apple cider and fresh fruits for my *smoothies*. Honestly, I could choke him although I know he means well. I told him to lay off the grapes because they are too full of sugar and eight of them is the total amount I am allowed IF I eat them. They have quite a *kick* to them as far as sugar is concerned.

    I still haven’t made my pork chops and country gravy but I am determined to make them tomorrow. The pork chops look excellent for that. The Beast will use the gravy over some biscuits I will throw in the oven and I will nuke a small potato for mine. I have some fresh green beans that I want to steam but the Beast wants me to boil them since it takes longer to steam them. Once I start supper, his stomach starts growling and he gets UGLY about wanting food. LOL!

    I’m really kind of disappointed about having to wait another week for my carpeting but I’ll survive, I guess. No choice there. It also DOES give me a bit more time to find where to put the stuff on and in this desk for when we have to move it. I’m keeping all my medications on the desktop just because it’s much easier to put together the daily pillbox for each week that my sister Bee sent to me. I never realized just HOW MUCH I would appreciate it. Even Chewlee loves it because I let her close the empty holder tops when she gets here every day. She looks for them just about the first thing when she gets here. Actually, it’s the second thing. The first is her pickles..LOL.

    I know it was hot here today (although I slept a lot of the day away) because even with my door open and the fan running at it’s highest speed, it felt hot and muggy. The Beast had all four AC window units going and the doors open. He even put the ceiling fans on low to help circulate the air. That’s really HOT when he does that.

    Baron wasn’t even sure he wanted to go out for his run although the Beast made him. Otherwise, Baron gets too hyper and doesn’t know what to do with himself. He plopped down on his bed in the bedroom when they got back. The Beast said he kept the pace a lot slower than normally because it was hot. Baron kept on the grass and in the shade most of the time but was glad to see the house when they rounded the corner. He tore ass back to the garage and was waiting for the Beast to park the scooter so he could get into the house.

    Gotta go and get this posted. I may be moving my post to blogspot but I will be sure to let you know when that happens. Love you all. Be happy. **Grin**

  • Some Bad News, Folks…

    The Beast got off the phone with the rug installers and he was pissed! It seems the company either only has one installation crew OR they are majorly busy. Somehow, I suspect just one crew to keep down the expenses but…..the bad news is that we won’t have our rug installed until Wednesday. NEXT WEEK Wednesday.

    Now you have to understand that we have a shitload of things stashed out in our living room. The bookcase, the shelving unit the Beast made for me, the huge case of DVD’s and CD’s, all the things that were on the walls, all the things that were in the bookcase (all in containers with no tops) and the table the Beast made for me for my crafts are all out there or stashed in the guest room. It’s a disaster as far as having people in to see us. Plus, poor Baron just can’t find a place to lay down in the guest room or even in the living room if he’s not right next to the Beast’s recliner or at the front door.

    Of course, he could always lay down on his bedding in the bedroom but that would mean he couldn’t bark at anyone walking down the street or strange vehicles. He’s not happy either.

    The Beast DID end up putting another coat of paint on two of my walls (I told you in an earlier post that I thought he would do it because he didn’t like the *way it looked*) I have to admit, it did eliminate some oddball swipes of paint that you could trace in the light. Now all that is gone and the walls look great.

    Chewlee got in trouble today because she was playing in the halls. She obviously had gone to the bathroom and took her sweet time returning. She’s just a kid but she has to learn that she must adhere to the rules. Her mom was here (and her *daddy*) almost as soon as she walked in the door. She cried because Peppa Pig came on and she was being dragged away. She would have to do her spelling words and clean her room her mother told her. Like all kids, Chewlee hates cleaning her room. I keep telling her to put things away when she is done with them but they never listen. I remember what an ordeal it was with my kids. The Princess was actually pretty good about that stuff. She didn’t like a messy room so that helped since I wouldn’t do anything except pick up dirty clothes. We never did get her a hamper for her room or there wouldn’t have been that for me to do. But I think she felt like that partly because her mother was such a slob. When her mother cleaned, she was extraordinary but most of the time, she was on drugs and didn’t give a shit.

    The Beast and I decided on hot dogs, Chicago style, for dinner today with a side of potato chips. Funny but I really didn’t have a taste for them and the Beast didn’t understand why not. I told him if I got hungry later, I would have a bottle of my Glucerna (which isn’t bad, btw). I love Chicago style hot dogs. It just upsets me that you cannot find poppy seed hot dog buns here in the South. I kid you not. I mean, it’s not like you can’t get the seeds out from between your teeth. You always have to check or you end up with a very ugly smile!

    Hot as hell today. Another day where we almost hit 90 depending on what weather you checked it on. Our temperature gauge that the Beast installed (electronic, with inside and outside gauges) said we went over 90 here in our area. But it all adds up to HOT and SWEATY outside. Even Baron was out and right back in after he relieved himself. No inspecting the area around the deck or up on the deck sniffing the wind.

    Hope you had some decent weather during any travels you had to make outside. I also hope that you are blessed with air conditioning if you have hot weather right now. I know our Aussie friends have the different seasons at opposite times of the year from us here in the Northern hemisphere. They haven’t suffered through their summer yet, poor babies.

    Love you all. Hope you have a great Hump Day (don’t you just love that commercial with the Camel?) Mike! Mike! What day is this? (The answer is *hump day*, if you haven’t guessed). Cracks me up every time I see it on TV. Bratfink and I both react the same way to it. If you see it, think of us.

September 10, 2013

  • Surprise! Rain…..

    I slept late again today. I wasn’t feeling as well as I thought I was. Neither was the Beast and even Baron was *off* a bit. His appetite sure was and he didn’t hound the Beast for his run around the circle like he usually does.

    I did, however, make us dinner (leftover KFC, mashed potatoes and gravy plus cole slaw). I wasn’t feeling so badly by the time Chewlee got picked up by her mother. It was fairly early so there was no problem with what Chewlee would have to eat since she would eat with her mother.

    Good news, however. Chewlee has only had two days when she wasn’t behaving and, even then, they weren’t bad. But she’s done amazing on her recent tests…spelling, comprehension and one other I can’t recall right now.. All three she got 100% and that was an A+ for her. She got an Italian ice (one of her very favorite things) as a reward from her mother for those.

    I thought someone had stolen Chewlee’s bike but it turned out that she left it over at one of her friend’s houses and she got it back yesterday. I’m hoping this teaches her to be more careful with it because I told her we would NOT buy her another bike for a few years. That didn’t make her happy but she DID say she knew she left it at one of her friends houses but she wasn’t sure which one it was. From no kids in the neighborhood to an abundance. There’s just no telling what life holds, is there?

    It rained. It thundered. It then became one of those light rains that is more a mist. That didn’t stop Chewlee. As soon as it was like that, she was off to retrieve her book from another one of her friends homes that she had left it at yesterday.

    When her mother went to retrieve her, Chewlee was on her way back here and complaining that it was the *worst day of her life!* because none of her friends could play with her. Some were grounded, others were eating and others were doing something for their mother (probably cleaning their rooms). But after she found out about the Italian ice, she brightened right up.

    The rain was welcome because it cooled us right down and it felt good. I even went and sat outside for a bit to enjoy it. It was *misting* at the time but I didn’t care. It felt THAT good….LOL!

    The Beast watched his football game and then went to bed. He was a bit unhappy with fighting with the manager at Lowe’s about the charges for the carpeting AND the fact that we still don’t know when it’s going to be installed.

    I gather that they (the sub-contractors) over-estimated the amount of carpeting that will be required. The Beast went in with the figures that should have been charged and got a $70. refund on it. He still wasn’t happy with that but he was so disgusted, he didn’t want to talk about it. I don’t know if it wasn’t enough or he was just unhappy that he STILL doesn’t know which day our new carpet will be installed. It’s one they have in stock so we don’t see the problem with getting a definite day but who the hell knows?

    Love you all. Hope you had a day that you enjoyed and no frustrations. Be careful driving. Dress appropriately for the weather you are having. I’ll be thinking of you all when I watch the World Weather. **Grin**

September 9, 2013

  • Feeling Better Today…

    After taking the meds for my IBS last night, I finally felt good enough (and confident enough) to go to bed. I crawled in with Chewlee (to keep my promise to her that she asks of me every time she has a sleepover) and she turned towards me and draped her arm across my neck. I turned on my side so I didn’t feel choked and fell deeply asleep.

    The Beast woke us up early enough for me to help Chewlee get ready for church and get her something to eat before they left. She wanted pickles but I talked her into some toast. She didn’t want any jelly on it, just butter and cut in triangles. I gave her a small glass of milk to wash it down and then gave in to her request for a pickle (just one although she asked for two.) They are the small ones since she is a pickle hound…only dill pickles, of course. She won’t eat sweet ones at all, even the bread and butter ones.

    I got busy after they left and ran up to Walmart to pick up a couple things that we were out of. Just hot dogs, cheese slices, her favorite cereal, chocolate milk for the Beast, some popsicles and pork chops for dinner. Then the Beast decides on KFC for dinner instead but I can make the pork chops and country gravy tomorrow. No big deal. And the KFC tasted great. I just love their cole slaw, don’t you? And their gravy! Amazing.

    When I got home, I was still ambitious and nothing hurt me too badly so I threw in a load of wash, made the beds, emptied the dishwasher and totally ignored the fact that the garden needs to be torn apart. We’ll get to it one day when and if the Beast ever is finished painting my computer room. LOL! Actually he’s done now and it looks wonderful. Even the doors are done but he’s going to spray paint the closet if we can get it emptied (it includes moving the storage batteries for the solar so…). He may change his mind. He thinks it won’t matter if he leaves in the shelf since it’s one of those wire ones that are mostly open and he can spray above and underneath it with this new sprayer he has. It’s probably the best and neatest one he’s ever owned. You can almost paint with no overspray at all.

    I helped the Beast carry in the last door and hang it so he didn’t bang it up and have to retouch it like he did the closet doors. I don’t know why he was reluctant to ask my help but it may actually have been because he knew I was feeling so rotten.

    Chewlee finally changed out of her dress and got on play clothes so she could go out to play with her friends. I fed her lunch (and she got her two pickles at one time after she ate everything).

    She played outside for almost all afternoon (after watching her two episodes of Peppa Pig…her life is over if she misses those!). She came in long enough to grab two popsicles for her and her one friend that was out at the time. Then, later, the Beast went over to get her and she had time to eat a couple hot dogs (no bun) and drank some milk before her mother got here to pick her up.

    We will have her overnight on Thursday due to a special class her mother is required to attend and she gets out so late that it’s ridiculous to think of her picking up Chewlee. She just has to notify the driver that he has to stop for her in the morning on Friday. It means getting up really early for us because he comes around 6am into our area. She’s his first pickup. He does, however, have a couple others now that are on the bus (the newest neighbors down the block) so we won’t be alone in being out bright and early.

    The Beast just got up a few minutes ago because he was dreaming of the chicken and then he couldn’t find it (he never looked in the fridge where I had stored it..sheesh) so he settled for a warmed up biscuit and honey. It’s been a long time since he got up at night for a snack so it took me by surprise when he came in here to visit with me while he ate it. I informed him of where the chicken, mashed potatoe, gravy and cole slaw were but the biscuit satisfied him. He may have the chicken for breakfast….LOL.

    It was hot outside today. I took Baron outside and he was reluctant to come in but I don’t like him to be out in the sun for longer than 15 minutes. Dobies DO get sunburned and it’s as painful to them as it is to us. I didn’t have any lotion on him so I made him come in although he wasn’t happy about it. He can be just like a little kid at times. His head and tail were both down like he was saying, *Aww, Mom, do I HAVE to go in?* Too funny.

    It hit 90 here the last time I looked and that was around 2pm. That probably was as hot as we got today but it’s going down to the mid-60′s tonight. It’s already cooled down a lot and feels good. I sure hope the majority of you reading this had some decent weather today. I know there was rain in a lot of the Plains area and I hope there wasn’t a lot of flooding involved.

    Love you all and have a wonderful week. Keep your feet dry and relax a little. None of this road rage stuff if traffic is heavy. This too shall pass.

September 8, 2013

  • Grandparents Day At Chewlee’s School

    I caused a little bit of a stir at Chewlee’s school after finding out that I had arrived a bit TOO early to be let into the first graders classrooms. At a loss, I saw a row of benches and a few smokers sitting on them in this one area at the end of the rows along the sidewalk. So I strolled over there, sat down and pulled out my ecig so as to not appear strange. They had the shadiest benches.

    When I started smoking it, the woman next to me ask if that was an ecig that I had. I told her yes, it was one of many different ones on the market. I mentioned that I had two different ones. The one I had with me actually had the appearance of a cigarette but the little bulb at the end of it lit up to a very bright, bluish light and gave it up to anyone looking closely that it was an ecig. Some of the others standing around asked about my ecig and where they could get one. It seems a lot of smokers really DO want to quit.

    The other ones I have (same company) actually are refillable with a liquid of your choice. It has cherry, coconut, mango, pineapple and many other choices as well as a mild nicotine liquid. However, replacing the mouth section is pricey although they do last a long time.

    Chewlee was really excited when I got to her room, finally. She had drawn and colored special things for me. She took me out to where the refreshments were and we got some water and cookies (at her insistence). She really wanted me to have a good time.

    After she finished her juice and snack, she got to collect her backpack and we went to the book fair. She FINALLY picked out a cute book about the animals in the zoo with both English and Spanish words for all of the animals. Her teacher told her that when she learned the words for them all in Spanish, she could bring the book and teach HER. I thought that was cute of her.

    We finally went home. My leg was killing me because I forgot my cane and I really need it when I am going to do a lot of walking. By the time we got home, I was really done for the day and was glad that the Beast could help out.

    I had to save this blog in part yesterday evening when I started on it because I was getting sick. My IBS kicked in and that is never fun. I was totally exhausted when I finally fell asleep. I got up only to poop and prayed I would make it. I took some more of my meds for that and went back to sleep.

    When I finally got up around 4:30pm today, I couldn’t believe it. But my ordeal was not over and still isn’t. The thing is, I don’t believe there’s anything more in my intestines but my tummy is still sore and my back is killing me because of the IBS.

    So this blog will have to do for the two days and I’m sorry about that. I will try to remember tomorrow when I feel better to fill you in on what went on with the poor Beast. Yes, I do feel sorry for him at times.

    Love you all and enjoy your Sunday, please. :winky:

September 6, 2013

  • I Have A Confession To Make….

    …about why this is being posted so late. I’m almost embarrassed to admit it but Bratfink and I were playing bingo on this one new site we are playing on. We were having such luck and such fun that I said, *The hell with it! It’ll get done when it gets done!* Bratfink was shocked at first and then she laughed. So that’s my confession and I won’t apologize since I wasn’t able to play on my computer all day due to the painting being done in my computer room.

    The Beast knew better than to totally disconnect it because I might have committed homicide with HIM as the victim…LOL. I can’t go too awful long without my computer.

    As of now, the room is almost finished as far as painting goes. There are just a few touchups that need to be done but we had to let the paint dry to make sure to get them all. I still have my lavender walls (Chewlee calls it purple…one of her favorite colors and I think what she likes about this room). The ceiling and trim is white, of course and the doors into the room as well as the closet doors. Tomorrow they come to measure the room for the carpeting we ordered since we are total idiots and can’t measure a room or read a measuring tape. We don’t know what day they will come to install the carpeting but it will probably be Monday or Tuesday.

    Since the room is almost empty already (we just have my desk, computer and recliner to get out of here), that makes it easy for them to install it and no extra cost to us. There WAS a lot of stuff in here. Oh, and we have to empty the closet but we will put most of the stuff in the cottage, out of the way.

    I’ve moved the clothing but have to take all the comforters and pillows off the shelves and god knows what else is up there. I think a box of old checks and papers from the business which should be shredded and thrown away. Unfortunately, the Beast threw away my shredder and I told him that the checks and papers really shouldn’t be just thrown in the garbage. We should see if we can borrow our neighbors burn barrel and have a fire one evening. :laughing:

    Chewlee did fantastic on all her tests last week. She had more than just a spelling test I hear. She got A+’s on everything. And her behavior is slowly but surely improving over last year. She still has a few issues and she has learned that she can read much better than she thought she could. She wants to be able to read a couple of the books I have here by Anne Murray (the Dragon Rider series) and the Harry Potter books, too. She ambitious, as you can tell.

    The Beast still isn’t feeling well but he is so mule-headed. He just MUST accomplish tasks he feels need to be done (and my computer room really DID need doing now that I have quit smoking). But he pays a heavy price for that effort and it WILL take a toll on him. But it makes him feel good to get it done so who am I to argue with him?

    I suppose you all have been suffering along with us with the hot weather (and some areas have really been hit by heavy rains). I just hope it hasn’t been too awful bad for you all. We limit our ventures outside to early in the day and then in the evenings. It’s not too bad that way.

    I’m going to Grandparent’s Day at Chewlee’s school tomorrow. IF Krys remembers to drop off my ticket to get in the door. I don’t even know her teachers name! It will be so disappointing to her if I can’t get in since security is tight at schools these days. We’ll see what happens. I have to go around 1pm I believe and then Chewlee gets to go home with me afterward if she wants. Ha! Ha! She knows I have pickles and pushups here.

    Love you all. Hope you had a great week and an even better weekend. Be good but have some fun! :winky:

September 5, 2013

  • I Make A Discovery

    After sleeping in the arms of my recliner AND in my computer room, I woke up feeling really sick and groggy. I had also apparently not heard the Beast remove my craft table from the room (no mean feat). He had been working on putting Kilz on the walls themselves and I truly believe that is what made me sick.

    I slept like the dead until Chewlee got here and she was upset because the Beast kept trying to keep her from waking me. I will always wake for my baby, however, and she needed some cuddling by then since he is such a brute at times.

    He was leaving for Lowe’s, having run out of his Kilz. He discovered that the sprayer DID, in fact, have a bit of overspray that was not easily apparent. He found the clues this morning when it was light enough to see. There was a fine mist of paint on one of my fans and on the wood laminate just outside the door of this room. He found some on the window when he cleaned it and I forget where else he found some but, because I was sick, he rolled it on the walls. Unfortunately, that uses up more paint that way, hence the trip to Lowe’s.

    Chewlee got a happy face today and the comment *Great Day!* from her teacher. She also got an A+ on her spelling test last Friday. That’s the one I drilled her on the first day she brought the words home. Her mother has started where SHE writes the words on a sheet of paper then she makes Chewlee write them 5 times each. Then Chewlee spells them out loud and after that she can do whatever she wants. Well, not exactly WHATEVER…..LOL.

    Anyway, the Beast didn’t do any more painting after getting the Kilz done that he had already done. What he replaced was for the baseboard tomorrow. I decided that I am sleeping on the guest bed tonight since I feel so bad still and my tummy is rumbling in a familiar but not a welcome way.

    On that note, I am going to close this. The Beast has gone to bed. He HAS to be tired, trust me. I’ll stay up for a while yet. I’m still tired but with my tummy rumbles, I want to be able to get to the bathroom in a hurry if I must…..LOL.

    Love you all. Hope you had a great Hump Day. :winky: